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Scavenger Hunt Lists for Kids

Boredom busters and fun themed hunt listsScavenger Hunt Lists for Kids


Find a Fork
Find Something the is Red
Find a Tissue Box
Find 3 Things that have Wheels
Find an Orange Crayon
Find Something that is Very Soft
Find a Key
Find a Band Aid
Find 2 Socks that Match
Find Something Round
Find a Sticker
Find a Rubber Band
Find a Pair of Glasses
Find an Envelope
Find a Stamp

Credit: Primary Playground


Find 3 Different Kinds of Leaves
Find a Bug
Find Something Yellow
Find 2 Sticks
Find Something that Smells Good
Find Something in the Sky
Find Something that Grows that is Green
Find Something that is Round
Find something that has Corners
Find a  Bird
Find 3 Different Colored Rocks

Credit: Primary Playground

Credit: Mary Beth Trendos


Find Something that is Red
Find Something that is Yellow 
Find Something that is Orange
Find Something that is Green
Find Something that is Blue
Find Something that is Purple
Name a Fruit that is Red
Name an Animal that is Yellow
Name a Vegetable that is Orange
Name a Plant that is Green
Name a Flower that is Purple
Name something outside that is Blue

Credit: Primary Playground


Find Something Loud
Find Something Long
Find Something Soft
Find Something Quiet
Find Something White
Find Something Rough
Find Something that Smells Bad
Find Something that tastes Sweet
Find Something that is Smooth
Find Something that Smells Good
Find Something that tastes Sour
Find 3 of the same Thing

Credit: Primary Playground


Find 4 pine cones
Find something yellow
Find 2 tree stumps
Find a seed pod
Find a spider web
Find 4 smooth rocks
Find 2 mushrooms
Find a long stick
Find 2 things that can fly
Find a dandelion
Find 3 different sized green leaves

Credit: Primary Playground

Credit: Science Kiddo


Fall is a great time for observing leaves and learning how to identify them. How many of these leaves can you find?

photo credit: kids in parks

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