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Liberty Wooden Puzzles

The Wonder and Satisfaction of High Quality PuzzlesLiberty Wooden Puzzles

Liberty wooden jigsaw puzzles, are my new favorite puzzles.  As a life long puzzler, that is really saying something.  Unlike regular puzzles, these are made with quarter-inch maple plywood.  These puzzles are well worth the somewhat hefty investment as they will certainly become family heirlooms.

My first experience with a Liberty puzzle was in the early days of the 2020 pandemic.  A small circle of friends created a puzzle exchange and I was the lucky recipient of 2 borrowed Liberty puzzles. 

The sheer enjoyment of how the pieces feel with they fit together is totally fulfilling.   I find that I really get into the zone while working on Liberty puzzles - seriously, I even dream about them.   Liberty Puzzles are just Immensely satisfying.

To non-puzzlers, a wooden puzzle may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance - but within minutes, believe me, you'll be hooked.  

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

So far, the ones that I have had a chance to complete are all famous works of art.   The first one I ever did was a popular scene by Canaletto called The Thames and the City.

The Thames and the City

Dimensions: 13.75 X 20
Size: Extra Large
609 pieces

by Canaletto

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

As you can see, the puzzles are visually stunning.  Upon closer look, you'll see the true artistry of the puzzle makers as well.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

The laser cuts of each piece fit so perfectly together, it's sheer joy to put a puzzle made by Liberty Puzzles. The tactile feel of each piece, and even the woody smell when you first open the box is simply tantalizing.

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

The best part of the puzzle are the specialty pieces that are woven into the pattern.  Most have specific theme that relates to the image of the puzzle.  Here you can see a crown and the British Flag, along with a mast ship and crests, birds and a variety of people dressed in period clothing.

Here is a view of the back of the puzzle, so you can see how the whimsy pieces fit together - which is rather cool.

photo credit: Liberty Puzzles

The next puzzle I tackled was a famous impressionist Renoir's scene called Le Moulin de la Galette.  This was an extra large size with about 750 pieces and was pretty challenging. 

Le Moulin de la Galette

Dimensions: 21.75 X 15.75
Size: Extra Large
754 pieces

by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1876.

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

Here you can see the detailed piece construction and just how challenging a puzzle like this can be.  For instance, while many of the edges are flat, they certainly aren't all flat so you can't really put all the flat piece together first, like you might in a traditional puzzle.

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

I generally try to find a color  or obvious area to start with and then work from there.  It very much depends on the image you are working on.  In this case it was faces and people, as well as color in the case of the yellow dress.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

You can see below that the whimsical pieces are reflect the theme of the time period.  Gallantry and formal dancing  figures, along with butterflies and fans.

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

And here is the finished product.  This is the XL size, so a bit bigger than any of the others that I've completed.  The majority of the others were the Large size.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

So as I mentioned, the first two puzzles I experience were borrowed puzzles from a friend, early in the pandemic lockdown.   Once I returned them to their rightful owner, I knew I had to get some for myself. 

My first ever Liberty puzzle purchase was a scene by Claude Monet called Garden at St. Adresse.  I was drawn to the scene by the ocean and the vibrant colors in the garden.

Garden at St. Adresse

Dimensions: 17 X 12.75
Size: Large
452 pieces

by Claude Monet

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

My next puzzle was one that was on my Christmas wish list, and it did not disappoint.   In fact, I think that this one, to date is my all time favorite.   The scene is another Claude Monet piece called San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk.  I loved the striations of color and the warmth of the palette - especially welcome during a New England winter.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk

Dimensions: 18 X 12.75
Size: Large
557 pieces

by Claude Monet

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

At first, I thought that this puzzle would be somewhat simple, since the colors were pretty definitively striated.  I would be wrong on that assumption though.  It actually took some time to even find a place to get started.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

But, eventually I found my groove and I truly loved putting this puzzle together more than any other.   It might have been one of the more challenging as well.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

As you can see, I was able to work the striations after I got started,   And that element was immensely satisfying.  But not easy by any means, because the colors are similar. 

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

Below are the whimsy pieces that are probably some of the most intricate that I've seen, to date. 

photo courtesy of Liberty Puzzles

Here's another borrowed puzzle that I enjoyed, on the ocean theme.  This one is by VIncent Van Gogh, and it's called Seascape near Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.

photo credit: Stacey Sao, BostonCentral

This might be where I learned to enjoy the striations, which enabled me to work on the sections by color and more-so texture.

Seascape near Les Saintes Maries de la Mer

Dimensions: 16.75 X 12.75
Size: Large
504 pieces

by Vincent Van Gogh

photo credit: Stacey Sao. BostonCentral

Puzzlers can select from a wide variety of stunning images and sizes.  I tend to go for famous works of art and landscapes, but there are many genres to choose from.

Liberty Puzzle Sizes

X-small - 7 x 7in (round)  100-115 pieces  - $44+

Small- 9 x 13in (rectangular)  225-250 pieces - $85+

Large- 13 x 17in (rectangular)  425-500 pieces - $115+

Extra Large - 23 x 15 (rectangular) 700+ pieces - $150+

Create a Custom Puzzle

You can also opt to have a custom puzzle created with your own photo or image.   All custom puzzles are rectangular in shape.

Overall, I'll have to say that one of the silver linings of the 2020 lockdown was discovering Liberty Puzzles.  I know that I will be able to enjoy putting these together more many years to come.  I wonder what my next puzzle will be?  I'm currently in the queue, so only 55 more days to find out. 

*Ordering Update: Now that the pandemic is past us, puzzlers can once again order puzzles direct from the website in the usual manner.  Hooray!

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